Test space volume Ltrs 27,125,512,1000
Temperature range (High) ºC 100,125,150,180
Temperature range (Low) ºC -20,-40,-60,-70
Rate of Cooling & Heating (Avg) ºC 1,2,3,4,5
Temperature Accuracy ºC +/-1
Altitude mbar Atmosphere to 1 milli bar (1,60,000 feet)
Altitude Accuracy mbar ±3 % of set point, but max, ±10 mbar min. ±2 mbar
Altitude method Vacuum Pump Mechanism
Control System Microprocessor based Programmable Controller
Interior Stainless Steel, SS304
Exterior Cold Rolled Mild Steel (CRMS)
Cooling System Air or Water cooled mechanical refrigeration
Heating System Inconel rod heaters
  1. User friendly operation
  2. Rugged construction
  3. Ozone friendly refrigerant gases (HFC)
  4. Port Hole
  5. Heat Load Compensation
  6. Adjustable high temp. cut off
  7. Semi sealed Compressors
  8. Non-condensation during heating cycle
  9. SS Tray
  10. Viewing window & Interior Lamp
  1. Port Hole of required size
  2. Rapid/Stand-by cooling with LN2 purging
  3. PC interface software with RS-232/RS-485/RS-422 interface port
  4. Customized sizes of Chambers
  5. Moisture trap & gas ballast Vacuum system
  6. Digital display for temperature limiting min/max
  7. Electrical terminals / Feed through MIL connectors
  8. Recorder
  9. SS Exterior
  10. Door Lock with Password Access